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The Ocicat is the solution for cat lovers who desire the attributes of larger feline in a domesticized body. If you adore nature shows then there’s no doubt that you’ll love this cat breed! The Ocicat’s body is riddled with spots the size of your thumb and arranged in a bulls-eye pattern. Daly’s daughter prompt the identify Ocicat as a result of they reminded her of the noticed wild cat referred to as the ocelot. In 1965 the primary Ocicat was flaunted to the CFA and in 1966 the CFA accepted the breed for registration, however mistakenly listed the guardian breeds as Abyssinian and American Shorthair. Ocicat History. This cat evolved from taking the best of two popular breeds: Abyssinians and Siamese. In 1964, Virginia Daly, a cat breeder from Berkeley, Mich., bred an Abyssinian with a Siamese and produced a litter of ticked-coated kittens. The second litter produced a male kitten with a wildcat-looking spotted cat who she named Tonga. OCICAT is an exotic looking cat breed that has the ability to garner people’s attention and steal their hearts. Appearance wise the Ocicat looks a bit similar to a cat in the wild due to their spotted and muscular body structure, but the truth is this cat is a completely man-made cat breed that brings in an exotic value to your home. To continue our breed database, we are looking at the Ocicat, one of the wildest-looking, yet sweetest-natured cat breeds in the world. They have many physical characteristics of their wildcat cousins, but hace the sensibility and adaptability of a domestic cat breed.

Housing Your Cat The Ocicat is an active cat that enjoys playing and exercising outside. However, if a yard cannot be provided, a large house or apartment with a terrace can suffice. Maintenance Ocicats require very little grooming. Their coat is short, fine, and naturally shiny. The Ocicat can even use its agility to tap dance on the table or play various games with toys and objects around the house. History and Background. The original Ocicat was the unexpected result of a breeding experiment. In 1964, a cat breeder named Virginia Daly sought to create a. Ocicat Temperament and Personality. If you know someone who thinks that cats are unfriendly and independent, just introduce him to the Ocicat. This is a confident, outgoing cat who loves his family and likes meeting other people, too. Ginger and white classic tabby cat. Also known as blotched or marbled. Dark bold and clearly defined markings, on a lighter background. Lines, swirls, and whorls which are unbroken on the top of the cat and swirled along the sides, with barring on the legs and rings around the tail. 03/08/2014 · What a beautifully coloured and patterned coat this cat has. He does look young, hard to imagine he is 7 but I guess it is possible. In terms of resemblance to Ocicat I am less convinced: the Ocicats I have seen at shows have all had a very distinctive sheen to.

Some pointed breeds also allow "tabby points" within their color standards. It is no surprise the tabby cat is ubiquitous. The gene for the tabby pattern can be found in all domestic cats. Look at a "coal black" cat in the sun someday, and see if you can find the hidden tabby markings. The Ocicat is the only spotted domestic breed selectively bred to emulate cats of the wild. This muscular, athletic breed can be trained to play fetch and walk on a leash. A people-devoted feline, the Ocicat loves companionship and doesn’t like being left alone too long. This cat does well with other cats and cat.

Description. The Ocicat was named because of its resemblance to the Ocelot, a wild cat with a spotted coat. But it is not just the coat pattern that contributes to the wild look but the natural graceful lithe and agile movement that these cats show when in action. These breeds are not only good, they’re grrrrreat! While tabby cats are adorable, they are not a distinct breed but a coat pattern. A tabby can be born in a litter even if neither parent is a tabby. One distinguishing mark of a tabby cat is the stripes form a letter M on the forehead. 07/01/2011 · Hi, We just brought home a 7 month old kitten who's a really cuddle bug! But he's seems to be a really big not fat for his age. So I started randomly looking up what type of cats are medium to large breeds. As I was looking around online I came a cross a picture of an Ocicat. The description of this cat matches my little guy to a T.

OCICAT Cat Breed Characteristic & Fact.

While the Ocicat looks wild, its temperament is anything but ferocious. It is a lot like a dog in that it is absolutely devoted to its people. Not a demanding, clinging-vine type, the Ocicat is confident as well as dedicated to its owners. Bred for spots, the Ocicat also comes in four other patterns: ticked, classic tabby, solid, and pointed. Ocicat cats may resemble a jaguar or a leopard, but this is an all-domestic breed. It is bred to have the exotic looks of a jungle-cat but there are no wild cats in the breed’s ancestry. It has a pleasant “tabby temperament” which has made it so loved by cat people. One of the more recently developed spotted Tabby breeds, the Ocicat has great appeal. So-called because it resembles a small Ocelot, it has a firm following in the U.S. and its popularity is increasing in Britain and the rest of Europe. Origins. In the 1960s a U.S. breeder was trying to produce a Siamese cat with Abyssinian points. The Ocicat is a sister breed in GCCF to the Aztec. The Aztec is the beautiful classic tabby relative of the Ocicat, sharing the same genetic background and history. Appearance and Colours. The Ocicat is a medium to large spotted cat, which should have a well muscled, athletic build, with a fairly long tail in good proportion to the body.

Cheetohs are no longer just a snack food. The Cheetoh Cat is a hybrid of the Ocicat and the Bengal, and also has ties to the Asian Leopard. While the cats are less domesticated th. Cat Size. The American Shorthair cat is mid to larger sized cat and is also quite a stocky cat at around 3-5.5KG 7 – 12 lb. Can it be alone? He is not as demanding for attention as some of the other indoor breeds and is more independent so some alone time should be OK. Are you a pet lover and want to know about a tabby cat. If you going to adopt a cat or you have a mackerel tabby then you must know about it, it is like a Calico Cats. Basically there are different types of tabby cats that are existing. Today in our article we are going to explain types of tabby. The Jungala cat is one of the youngest members of the domesticated cat family. It is basically an Ocicat but with a classic tabby pattern. This relatively young domestic cat breed is considered to be very rare and most of these cats are only seen in New Zealand. It is fully recognized as a Championship Breed by New Zealand based CATZ Inc. Registry.

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The Ocicat is an all-domestic breed of cat which resembles a'wild' cat but has no wild blood. The breed is unusual in that it is spotted like a wild cat but has the temperament of a domestic animal. It is named for its resemblance to the ocelot. Despite its appearance, there is no'wild' DNA in. All images are the property of their respective owners. If you found any image copyrighted to yours, Please contact us, so we can remove it. 20 Most Affectionate Cat Breeds in The World - Samoreals. Curly Haired Cat Curly Cat Curly Girl Chat Rex Cute Kittens Cats And Kittens Black Kittens Siamese Kittens Tabby Cats. Russian Blue Cats Facts The Ocicat is an exotic cat breed Welcome to our complete guide to exotic cats. Jan 26, 2013- Explore redcheddarcat's board "Beautiful Ocicats ️", followed by 1817 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Ocicat, Cats and Cat breeds.

Ocicat Cat Breed Information - Vetstreet.

The Ocicat is a medium to large, well-spotted agouti cat of moderate type. This breed displays the look of an athletic animal: well-muscled and solid, graceful and lithe, yet with a fullness of body and chest. This powerful, athletic, yet graceful spotted cat is particularly noted for having a “wild” appearance.

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